WP_20150114_21_05_39_Pro_2As NERC students, all DTP students are expected to undertake advanced skills training over the course of their careers. This training provides members of the NERC community with opportunities to develop their technical, professional and personal transferable skills valued by employers in any sector alongside improving and broadening the skills base within the environmental sciences.


All DTP students are encouraged to identify and attend relevant NERC Advanced Short Courses.  These are typically free for NERC sponsored students and, although competition can be fierce, NERC students are also usually offered preferential access.  These courses are an excellent opportunity to meet other students from across the UK and interact with academics and practitioners.


Further information on training provided by NERC Centres is at NERC Research Centre Training Programme (opens external link)

Further information on the programme of NERC Advanced Short Training courses can be found on the NERC website (opens external link).