The current schedule of events planned for this year





22-26 October 2018 Advanced Statistics with R (Optional) Millport FSC
22-23 November 2018 Induction (All) Stirling
3-4 December 2018 Data Management and GeoVisionary (3D visualization system)  (Optional) BGS Keyworth
14-18 January 2019 Research Training Week (L1-3) SCENE
Early 2019 date tbc Writing retreat for L3.5 students tbc
Spring 2019 Meta-analysis (Optional) tbc
7-10 May 2019 Annual Conference (L1-3) Glasgow
Spring 2019 Numerical Modelling with Python (Optional) Durham
1-5 July 2019 Outreach (L2 and L3) Durham

IAPETUS students can also apply to participate in BGS training courses.  See details of The BGS GeoSchool here.

Training courses offered by CEH are detailed here.