WP_20150116_10_38_55_ProThe DTP provides a range of tailored training courses to expose students to the experiences and skills which they need to successfully complete their PhDs.


The training is provided by all of the organisations within the DTP, allowing students from the different organisations to benefit from the expertise within other departments.

Training activities include:


  • The PhD Process and Induction Event – held at Durham early in the first term, this event gets the new cohort students working together on the challenges and opportunities they will face through their PhDs. Second year students join the first years, allowing different cohorts to meet each other and learn from each other.
  • Spring Field Training – held both in 2015 and 2016 at the University of Glasgow’s SCENE field centre on the picturesque Loch Lomond, this week-long session introduced some field skills and some of the key issues which need to be considered when designing and implementing field studies.  Academics from the University of Stirling and from Durham University also delivered structured training on the use of the R statistical package and the ArcGIS environment. Second years join the meeting, again allowing cohorts to meet and learn from each other.
  • Enterprise Week – held in Durham in mid 2015 through extra NERC funding, this week fostered enterprise skills, as well as giving students the opportunity to explore their own entrepreneurial potential.
  • Student Conference – organised by students from the DTP, this NERC student conference gives all of the cohort students an opportunity to practice their conference skills, as well as allowing them to disseminate their research to other students and staff within wider fields.
  • Science communication training – a theme of second year training is communication in science, in all forms including writing a PhD thesis, science paper writing, engagement with partners and stakeholders in research and more general outreach skills.