Name: Lucy Nevardlucy

Project Title: “Ecology and evolution of buzz pollination”

Cohort: 2017/18

Institution: University of Stirling



My research focuses on buzz pollination, a phenomenon in which pollen is concealed within the plant’s anthers, and can only be released by vibrations (“buzzing”). I am investigating this from both the bee and the plant perspective. For instance, I am performing behavioural assays with bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) on different buzz-pollinated plant species in order to assess the bee’s behavioural flexibility. I am also analysing micro-computed tomography images of these flowers to shed light on the evolution of this particular anther morphology.

After graduating with a degree in Biological Sciences from UCL, I worked at Rothamsted Research on several integrated pest management projects, particularly on oilseed rape (Brassica napus). I then completed a Masters by Research on “Foraging behaviour and niche differentiation in two South Asian bee species” in the Centre for Research in Animal Behaviour at the University of Exeter. Data collection for this Masters involved observations of the Eastern honeybee (Apis cerana) and the Indian stingless bee (Tetragonula iridipennis) in Kerala, India

Publications/Conference talks/Posters:

Dittmann, I.L., Zauchner, T., Nevard, L. M., Telford, M.J., Egger, B. (2018) SALMFamide2 and serotonin immunoreactivity in the nervous system of some acoels (Xenacoelomorpha). Journal of Morphology, 279(5):589-597

Nevard, L. M., Hall, K., James, B., Hempel de Ibarra, N., Somanathan, H. (2017) Behaviour and niche differentiation of two Asian bee species. ASAB Easter Meeting 2017 (Talk)

Nevard, L. M., Hall, K., James, B., Hempel de Ibarra, N., Somanathan, H. (2016) Foraging behaviour of social bees in the South Asian tropics. ISBE 16th Congress 2016 (Poster)

Ferguson, A. W., Nevard, L. M., Clark, S. J. and Cook, S. M. (2015) Temperature-activity relationships in Meligethes aeneus: implications for pest management. Pest Management Science, 71: 459–466.

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Twitter: @lucynevard