Name: Kris SokółIAPETUS Kris

Project Title: “High-field-strength-element (HFSE) mobility in late-stage magmato-hydrothermal fluids, Gardar Rift Province, South Greenland”

Cohort: 2017/18

Institution: University of St Andrews, CASE partnership with Greenland Rare Earths Project (GREP) Ltd.




As a Polish national growing up in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, my unlikely interests in geology and igneous petrology developed early on in high-school where I was fascinated by physical volcanology. This led me to complete an integrated undergraduate masters MGeoscience at Keele University, Staffordshire, graduating with First Class Honours. There I expanded into the fields of petrography and mineralogy and subsequently completed my masters thesis detailing the petrology of Tezhsar Alkaline Complex within the Armenian collision zone.

My PhD work at the University of St Andrews entails looking at the metasomatically altered, “fenitised”, country rocks associated with the Proterozoic alkaline intrusions of Gardar Province, Greenland. I study the behaviour and variations in alteration to determine the nature of late-stage fluids that cause crystallisation of alkali pyroxene and amphibole minerals, as these fluids transport commercially important rare earth (REEs) and high field strength elements (HFSEs).

New insights to the element mobilisation mechanisms will tie into the ongoing research of the SoS Rare & High-Tech-Alk-Carb consortia and will aid future exploration for REE & HFSE deposits. The project is also supported by CASE partner GREP Ltd.


Publications/Conference talks/Posters:

Sokół, K., Halama, R., Meliksetian, Kh., Savov, I.P. & Sudo, M. (2017; 2018). Alkaline magmas in collision zone settings: Age and petrogenesis of the Tezhsar Alkaline Complex (TAC), Armenia. Poster at VMSG 2017, Liverpool, VMSG 2018 Leeds, SoS Rare Annual Meeting 2017 St Andrews and EGU 2018 General Assembly Vienna.

Sokół, K., Halama, R., Meliksetian, Kh., Savov, I.P., Navasardyan, G. & Sudo, M. (2018) Alkaline magmas in zones of continental convergence: The Tezhsar volcano-intrusive alkaline ring complex, Armenia. Lithos 320-321p172-191. 

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