Name: Katharine GrovesKGroves

Project Title: “Landscape response to tectonic forcing across the continental collision zones of Eurasia”

Cohort: 2017/18


Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University 

School of Geographical and Earth Sciences, University of Glasgow



My research is in the study of active continental tectonics. I completed an MSci Degree in Geoscience (Geology), during which I developed an interest in tectonics and structural geology. I have moved from studying ancient environments to those which are actively deforming. Active zones of deformation provide insights into continent formation that are not available from inactive regions.

Continental collision zones, such as the Himalayas, are complex due to their geology, scale and age.  They are characterised by mountain chains, sedimentary basins and high elevation, relatively flat tectonic plateaux.

The areas are of interest as they provide insights into the formation of continents as well as hazards such as earthquakes and landslides occurring.

The landscapes of these tectonically active regions are shaped by interactions between surface processes such as erosion and the underlying uplift, faulting and deformation.  Therefore, I am studying the landscape in the fold and thrust belts surrounding the Tibetan and Iranian Plateaux using quantitative geomorphology to understand the processes by which active fold and-thrust belts transform into the adjacent orogenic plateaux.


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