Name: Katie Clarke katie clarke

Project Title: Understanding the hazards posed by eruptions at shallow marine and coastal volcanoes

Cohort: 2016/17

Institution: University of Glasgow




I completed my BSc at the University of Leeds in Geological Sciences before going on to complete my Masters in Volcanology at the University of Bristol. Between my undergraduate and masters I spent time in Argentina and Chile travelling and working with geologists in the south-central Argentine Andes collecting pumice samples. After my masters I spent a year in a structural geology consultancy and a year at Ofgem working with the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.


I decided to take up a PhD because after two years in industry I wanted to return to research and my background in volcanology. My project is based on a site within the Cabo de Gata peninsular in Southern Spain. This region is one of a few in the world where subaqueous volcanic deposits have been persevered to a high standard and can be viewed and accessed via the cliff sections.


My aims are to better understand the environmental setting of the Los Frailes formation through field work, chemical and textural analysis. Analysis of the volcanic units within this formation will provide important research into both general mechanisms for volcano – water interactions and a comprehensive study of the timeline of deposition at the Los Frailes formation. This can then be used in the context of the whole Cabo de Gata peninsular and tectonic interplay between sea level fluctuation, basin formation and volcanic activity in the Miocene.


Publications/Conference talks/Posters:

Muir, D. D., D. N. Barfod, J. D. Blundy, A. C. Rust, R. S. J. Sparks, and K. M. Clarke. “The Temporal Record of Magmatism at Cerro Uturuncu, Bolivian Altiplano.” Geological Society, London, Special Publications 422, no. 1 (January 1, 2015): 57–83. doi:10.1144/SP422.1.


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