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The Greenland Ice Sheet in a warming world: Determining drivers of current and future change on northern Greenland outlet glaciers

Cohort: 2015/16


Newcastle University

Durham University

British Antarctic Survey (CASE Partner)


  • Dr Rachel Carr (Newcastle University)
  • Professor Chris Stokes (Durham University)
  • Dr Hilmar Gudmundsson (British Antarctic Survey)



I previously undertook an undergraduate BSc Geography degree at Northumbria University and an MSc in Polar and Alpine Change at the University of Sheffield before beginning my PhD research at Newcastle University in October 2015. I have developed strong interests in cryospheric and glaciological science, undertaking fieldwork projects both in the alpine region of northern Italy and the high Arctic region of Svalbard. Throughout my Masters course I developed a strong interest in Greenland glaciology as well as GIS and remote sensing applications, which will be further developed throughout this project.

This project aims to examine retreat at all northern Greenland outlet glaciers, investigate its relationship to variations in external forcing (atmospheric, oceanic, sea ice) and establish the impact of ice loss on glacier velocities. As the Greenland Ice Sheet has experienced increased rates of mass loss over the last two decades and Arctic warming is anticipated during the 21st century, better understanding of dynamic glacier behaviour and dramatic consequences for sea level rise is paramount. Northern Greenland drains approximately 40% of the ice sheet, but in comparison to other regions has undergone relatively little previous research, highlighting the importance of developing further understanding on this region. A range of satellite imagery will be used to establish past outlet glacier retreat to determine if glacier change is cyclic in nature or recent ice tongue collapses are exceptional, as well as to determine ice velocity responses to retreat. This project also involves using a numerical model at the British Antarctic Survey alongside the model originator Dr. Hilmar Gudmundsson to assess the sensitivity of northern Greenland glaciers to ice tongue loss.

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