The 15 students of the 2015/16 Cohort began their research projects in October 2015 and are now well into their second year of PhD research.  Like the first Iapetus cohort (2014/15), the 2015/16 cohort contains a wide range of projects from various fields including archaeology, biology, geography, environmental science and geology, working on a diverse range of projects.


Individual students and projects; please click on the links for more details:


Heather Baxter “Understanding coral survival in a warmer world; the role of historic coral bleaching”

Tom Bradfer-Lawrence “Maintenance of tropical forest bird communities in human- modified landscapes”

Stuart Brooker “The avian dawn chorus across the UK: using new technology to study breeding bird song”

Bianca Cavazzin “Palaeotemperature change in the drought-prone Canadian prairie”

Jess Crumpton-Banks “Probing the processes linking primary productivity in Polar oceans and atmospheric pCO2

Anna Deasey “The determinants of tree species distributions in tropical forests”

Ivan Garcia-Nisa “Communication and cultural transmission in populations of wild bearded capuchins (Cebus libidinosus)”

Emily Hill “The Greenland Ice Sheet in a warming world: Determining drivers of current and future change on northern Greenland outlet glaciers”

Hannah Joyce “Upland river management and sustainability under changing environment: thinking outside the reach-scale box”

Arminel Lovell “Explaining the varying response of Himalayan glaciers to climate change”

Daniel Moore “The role of habitat boundaries in the evolution of connectivity in marine predator populations”

Peter Morley “Predicting changes in forest form and function in a tropical mountain region”

Guy Paxman “ANTscape: Reconstructing the palaeotopography of Antarctica”

Tom Scullion “Investigation of direct and indirect effects of exposure to radioactive contaminants in free-living birds by analysis of feather corticosterone concentrations”