Tom Jones

Name: Thomas J Jones

Project Title: “Fissures and fountains: magma dynamics in basaltic conduits

Cohort: 2014/15

Institution:  University of Durham




2014 – present: PhD Student at Durham University

2013: DAAD Scholar at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU), München

2012 – 2013: International year in Geology at the University of British Columbia (UBC)

2010 – 2014: MSci (Hons) Geology with Study Abroad, First Class Honours at the University of Bristol

In general, my research interests are related to the subsurface transport and fragmentation of magma.


Project overview:

The nature of basaltic eruptions – their vigour, duration and eruptive style – is shaped by processes that occur as bubbly magma flows through the volcanic plumbing system. Although it is known that magma ascends through dyke-shaped conduits, current laboratory, numerical and conceptual models typically assume conduits are cylindrical; whilst this dramatically simplifies analysis, it also eliminates much of the phenomenological richness that exists in real scenarios. Combining analogue experiments with field observations I try to better understand the fluid dynamics of bubbly magma flow along dykes in basaltic systems.


Publications/Conference talks/Posters etc

Brett, R. C., Russell, J. K., Andrews, G. D. M., & Jones, T. J. (2015). The ascent of kimberlite: Insights from olivine. Earth and Planetary Science Letters,424, 119-131. 

Jones, T. J., Russell, J. K., Porritt, L. A., and Brown, R. J.: Morphology and surface features of olivine in kimberlite: implications for ascent processes, Solid Earth, 5, 313-326, doi:10.5194/se-5-313-2014, 2014.


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