Rosie McDonald

Name: Roseanne McDonald

Project Title: Greenhouse Gas Release from UK Reservoirs

Cohort: 2014/15

Institution: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and University of Stirling




I graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2013 with a BSc Geography degree. I specialised in physical geography, taking modules in GIS, palaeoecology, glaciology and also studied geology alongside for 2.5 years. My dissertation was kindly supported by the James Hutton Institute, investigating peatland management and restoration from a carbon perspective. Subsequently, I completed the MSc Environmental Protection and Management at the University of Edinburgh undertaking modules in water, soil and atmospheric sciences. My thesis was in collaboration with the Esk Rivers and Fisheries Trust looking at the effects of hydromorphology on in-stream ecology. Field work has taken me to the Italian Alps, France, Skye, Arran and other locations throughout Scotland.

Current Research:

My PhD research will focus on understanding greenhouse gas release from UK reservoirs. Current measurements have focused on Brazil, Canada and China with a large knowledge gap existing in temperate systems. The IPCC’s 2013 Wetland Supplement omitted reservoirs due to limited data. Reservoir GHG production is influenced by numerous factors, for example: soil type, water temperature, residence time, stratification and drawdown events. Project aims and objectives will be delivered through a variety of field campaigns and laboratory work e.g., GHG concentrations calculated via manual headspace analysis, methane ebullition collected by inverted funnels, diffusive flux from drawdown soils measured using static chambers, and sediment core experiment to test water level fluctuation on emissions.


Publications/Conference talks/posters:

McDonald, R. (2015). Scottish Freshwater Reservoirs, a source of GHG emissions? Talk, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) PhD Seminar.

McDonald, R. (2014). Greenhouse Gas Release from UK Reservoirs. Poster Presentation, Stirling Winter Symposium.

McDonald, R., and Knox, O. G. G. (2014).Cold Region Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils: Do We Know Enough? Environmental Science & Technology, 48 (17), 9980-9981.


Get in touch:
Twitter: @RosieMcDonald91