Claire Branston - IAPETUS Photo

Name: Clare Branston

Project Title: “The role of climate and habitat on the reproduction and population dynamics of insectivorous woodland birds

Cohort: 2014/15

Institution:  University of Durham



My research interests are broad and include environmental change and phenology in relation to climate change.

Primarily my current research aims to explore the impact of variation in habitat and climate on the breeding performance of hole nesting tit species, such as blue tits and great tits, initially at a local scale but then expanding to nationwide. This will be achieved by undertaking novel field work within North East England as well utilising data sets collected by British Trust for Ornithology volunteers for their Nest Record Scheme. I also hope to be able to explore the potential impacts of any variation in breeding success on the populations of these common woodland species at local, regional and national scales.

Prior to my PhD I have undertaken a number of research projects, both abroad and in the UK. During my MSc I investigated the factors which influence nest site selection of the European Roller in Southern France. This project provided much needed research into this understudied species and also helped ensure that conservation measures are being implemented effectively.
Publications/Conference talks/Posters

January 2015 Poster presentation at School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences Research Away Day, Durham University ‘Developing a nestbox camera to examine the impacts of habitat on blue tit breeding success’

July 2014 Presentation at University of East Anglia Postgraduate Conference ‘Nest site selection of the European Roller (Coracias garrulus) in Southern France’ 
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