The 2014/15 Cohort


The 15 students of the 2014/15 Cohort began their research projects in October of 2014 and are now well into their third year of PhD research.  This cohort contains a wide range of projects from various fields including archaeology, biology, geography, environmental science and geology, working on a diverse range of projects.


 Click on the links below for more details on individual projects:


Clare Bliss: “Soil moisture estimation: a new approach using multi-temporal satellite and airborne RADAR data”, Geography/Durham

Claire Branston: “The role of climate and habitat in the reproduction and population dynamics of a dominant insectivorous bird group in British woodlands”, Biology/Durham

Sonja Felder: “The mid-Pleistocene transition in Asian monsoon variability”, Geography/Newcastle

Catherine Gallagher: “The sources, mechanisms and timing of volatile loss accompanying large-volume basaltic volcanism”, Earth Sciences/Durham

Lyndsey Graham: “Optimizing hedgerow structure for biodiversity: developing and testing LIDAR-based structural condition models”, Civil Engineering & Geosciences/Newcastle

Chris Harbord: “Laboratory earthquakes. Experimental rock mechanics, tectonics”, Earth Sciences/Durham

Tom Jones: “Fissures and fountains: magma dynamics in basaltic conduits”, Earth Sciences/Durham

Roseanne McDonald: “Greenhouse gas emissions from UK reservoirs”, CEH

Diana McLaren: “The effects of climate-induced flood events on the mobility and bioaccessibility of potentially harmful elements, biological and radiological contaminants”, Biological & Environmental Sciences/Stirling

Joanna Moore: “Environmental lead pollution in the Roman Empire: characterising its effects on juvenile exposure, health and geographic mobility”, Archaeology/Durham

Chris Pollard: “Linking game theory and structured decision-making for the resolution of conservation conflicts”, Biological & Environmental Sciences/Stirling

Kenneth Porter: “Risk-based modelling of pathogen exports from agricultural catchments under a changing climate”, Biological & Environmental Sciences/Stirling

Ed Rollason: “Multidimensional perspectives on flood risk mapping”, Geography/Durham

Ben Taylor: “Waking the giant: the role of the North Pacific in glacial-interglacial cycles constrained by boron isotopes, trace elements, radiocarbon and earth system modelling”, Earth & Environmental Sciences/St Andrews

Robin Whytock: “Assessing the effects of landscape structure on woodland birds”, Biological & Environmental Sciences/Stirling