We are currently seeking to recruit up to three Industrial CASE studentships funded by NERC to commence in October 2017 to add to our existing cohort of students to start this year.  Students must meet RCUK criteria to be eligible for funding.

Potential projects will be advertised and developed by individual supervisors.  No specific project details will be posted here.  To find relevant supervisors, please follow the links on the “About” page, and check eligibility either using the links on the “Contacts” page, or in the Staff Guidance document on the “Operations” page.

Please note that it is only possible to submit to this scheme via a supervisor in one of the IAPETUS partner organizations. Applications sent directly to IAPETUS will not be considered.  The potential supervisor must have all the information to make their case for support.  Please check with them about the specific deadline, as it may vary between partners.  Please ensure all the necessary information has been provided to them well before this date.

Decisions about these studentships will be made by 3rd July 2017, and we will inform successful and unsuccessful candidates as soon as possible thereafter.